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Meet Jesse

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Welcome!  I’m Jesse F. Kusserow, a licensed professional counselor specializing in helping individuals navigate and heal the wounds of developmental trauma, traumatic experiences or other mental/emotional life challenges.  I enjoy helping people learn how to befriend themselves in a way that empowers them to connect deeply, authentically  and meaningfully to themselves, spiritually and with others.   I have helped people transform their emotional, mental and spiritual challenges since 2001 as a volunteer counselor, and professionally since 2010.


AMC Counseling was born out of my own challenges from the effects of developmental trauma and my journey of healing and growth.  My desire is to create an authentic and collaborative working relationship with you - as you to learn, heal and grow …. to become more deeply connected to self and others.  I am honored to work with all who walk through my door.

Contact Jesse Today To Schedule An Appointment 

2300 Riverside Drive, Suite 103 Green Bay, WI 54301



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